Posted on 07 Jul 2009

How will Technology Enable the Transformation of HR and Business Management?

Executive Summary

The value of unifying talent management functions to achieve strategic business goals cannot be underestimated. In reality the ability to do so in large organizations has been limited due to the logistical challenge of gathering, maintaining and managing large amounts of information. In this report, PageUp looks at what HR functions will look like in the future and how technology will support these functions.

Technology to support Unified Talent Management (UTM) is the new phenomenon, and we believe the way of the future. Vendors have traditionally been niche players, focusing on one aspect of talent management and building breadth and depth within this area. As such technological solutions to support the various HR functions are at different stages of maturity, and to date, solutions that are fully unified are in the infancy stage.

Looking to the future, technology will be the key enabler of effective talent management. The HR landscape is going to change with a greater emphasis on metrics and analytics, sharing of human capital data, and buy-in from key stakeholders. This will not happen overnight, but will rather take a step-wise approach, with different industries and even individual companies within an industry taking the steps at various speeds.