Key Insights from Philippines HR Breakfast – “Engaging Future Leaders”

Blog, Future of Work | 27 April 2016

PageUp held its first 2016 Philippine HR Breakfast Event, ‘Engaging Future Leaders,’ at the Makati Diamond Residences in Makati City, Metro Manila on the 3rd March 2016.

Who attended?

More than 30 HR leaders attended the exclusive event, including top-level executives from major Philippine companies such as BDO, San Miguel Corporation, and PSBank.

PageUp CEO and Co-founder Karen Cariss kicked off the event with a discussion on the importance of cross-border mobility strategies, identifying and developing top talent, and the role of technology as an enabler.

Also at the event was guest speaker Eric Riego de Dios, Director of Human Resources at B&M Global Services Manila, Inc., who discussed the local perspective on People Analytics and a national perspective of how HR metrics and reporting will impact the country’s shared services industry.

The Round Table Discussions

The initial presentations were followed by roundtable discussions and workshops with a high level of participation and the sharing of ideas from all participants.

During the discussion, each table was asked to highlight the things that they were currently working on in their respective organisations, talk about the challenges they were facing, and put forward ideas of the things that should be done differently. The discussions were focused around 5 main themes:  Performance, Retention, Measurement, how to create good Brand Ambassadors and Technology.

Discussion Outcomes

Technology – Some of the common challenges highlighted by the discussions included the lack of systems in the organisation that support HR, and the maturity and ability of the organization to accept new technology as a tool to enhance efficiency rather than to replace staff.

Recruitment, Engagement and Learning – Other observations included that for most of the participants, daily 1:1s and informal discussions with the managers helped keep employees engaged while the use of social media has also proven to be effective in their recruitment & training activities.

Lastly, most of the participants feel that the introduction of new systems, easily accessible tools and increased frequency of feedback will help keep their employees engaged at work and will definitely consider implementing this for their organization With that many discussions, ideas and best practice strategies being shared, we were extremely pleased  with the event and hope participants found it as informative.

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