Unified Workforce Suite

PageUp’s Unified Talent Management solution delivers deep insights into your talent capability, processes, and risks. It comprises of Recruitment and Onboarding, Performance, Learning and Succession Management modules, all capturing a rich dataset throughout the employee lifecycle. Extending on these capabilities, PageUp has seamlessly integrated the Ento Workforce Success platform, delivering an end-to-end Workforce Suite for organisations ranging from 500 to 5,000 employees.

Recruit, Onboard, Manage.

The PageUp Unified Workforce suite provides businesses with a competitive advantage, and streamlines your attraction, recruitment, compliance, and workforce management. You can achieve this through:

  • Visibility over your entire process,
  • Mobile access for managers, employees, and HR,
  • Industry leading compliance content and learning delivery,
  • Best-in-class HR technology for every step in the process.

PageUp's Workforce suite automates, accelerates and alleviates common HR pain points by...

providing an end-to-end platform for all

providing an end-to-end platform for all employees

Keep track of the who, what, where and how of your workforce. Plug the gaps, ensure workforce compliance, and drive high-performance from your no. 1 asset, your employees.

promoting data-driven decisions and enabling embedded insights

PageUp & Ento provide robust analytical dashboards out-ofthe-box. Configurable dashboards, reports and data fields allow you to track the data that’s important to you.

identifying gaps, and measuring progress to close them

identifying gaps, and measuring progress to close them

Identify gaps across capability, performance and process at all levels of the organisation. Put in place programs to mitigate problem areas, and measure them before and after the success of your actions.

Key Features

Attract, Recruit

Engage the best talent from attraction through to selection with best-in-class recruitment technology. Automate your workflows, bring your hiring managers online, and get rid of those outdated paper-based processes.

Attract & Recruit
Onboarding Learning & Compliance

Onboarding, Learning & Compliance

Seamlessly onboard your new hires and create a safe, reputable and high-performance workplace, underpinned by the leading compliance content provider, Learning Seat.

Workforce Management

Roster your staff with our intuitive, automated interface. Track time with facial recognition biometrics & GPS mobile apps. Empower staff to swap & bid on shifts. Unlock business opportunities with live pay rules engine, deep dashboarding & demand driven rostering.

Workforce Management


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