Frontier Software – chris²¹

The various HR and Payroll Management modules contained within their integrated HR software solution provide the foundation on which their customers action their HR strategies. These modules can be selected either individually, or as part of an integrated solution.

Features included within chris²¹ include:

– Biographical Data
– Organization & Position Control
– Flexible Remuneration Policy
– Holiday & Sickness Absence Management
– Organization Charting
– Standard Reporting
– Payroll Management
– Country Specific PayrollFeatures for Australia, the UK (including Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man), Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Republic of Ireland, and India.

Frontier Software’s Payroll Management module features comprehensive payroll rules to meet statutory compliance, stringent payroll requirements, and comprehensive auditing and security facilities. Users can integrate chris²¹ with PageUp to ensure a seamless flow of information from their talent management solution to their HRIS and Payroll systems to increase efficiency.

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