Posted on 12 Dec 2016

Talent mobility is the process of getting the right people, with the right skills, into the right roles, at the right time. It doesn’t just refer to moving people around geographically but is also about transitioning skills across business functions and teams, to help organisations increase employee engagement and retention, increase efficiencies and future-proof their workforce.

It’s the ability to proactively and strategically move people from role to role at any level of the business. This may include acquiring new talent, cross border moves, assignments, secondments, promotions, succession planning and transfers of skills and knowledge.

The PageUp Unified Talent Management software-as-a-service suite is optimised to promote talent mobility. It helps organisations drive competitive advantage and increases productivity and engagement, all by mobilising your most expensive asset – your people. It provides:

  • visibility over your entire talent pool, internal and external
  • intelligence on current and future skill gaps, and mobility readiness
  • pathways to close talent gaps and promote employee engagement

Download our free flyer for a brief snapshot of how our easy-to-use, configurable and highly integrated solution can help drive talent mobility and workforce planning at your organisation.