Posted on 25 Sep 2017

Is your organization facing the following business challenges?

  • Not increasing employee productivity fast enough in order to maximize and sustain competitive advantage
  • Difficulty in articulating and aligning employees’ roles in affecting business outcomes
  • Retention and engagement issues when employees don’t have easy access to development opportunities
  • Lack of engagement due to a disjointed user experience – siloed performance and learning processes and technologies

By having an integrated performance and learning process that identifies the employee’s objectives and assigns relevant learning, whether formal or informal, employees are provided with a clear pathway to success – and what better way to ensuring career progression within the organization and drive engagement.

PageUp’s combined performance and learning systems drive business growth through their seamless alignment, as well as employee engagement and productivity.  They also provide a holistic view of employee development.:

  • Combined, they empower employees to accelerate the achievement of performance and development objectives through the marriage of holistic performance feedback and the immediate assignment of relevant learning content.
  • Mobile-enabled and app-centric learning tools support the everyday performance of your employees anytime, anywhere. The system provides a seamless experience from performance into learning, and vice-versa.
  • A single platform manages your entire performance and learning ecosystem, while unified analytics measure employee performance and the business impact from embedding a performance-driven and learning culture, all in one spot!

Key Features include:

  1. A single and seamless, fully integrated interface for easy assignment and completion
  2. Fully trackable for greater insight into the entire development journey
  3. Mobile-optimized, consumer-centric experiences anytime, anywhere
  4. Caters to all types of learning, both formal and informal

performance learning management

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