MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – September 5, 2000 –

Now that the Olympics are finished, SOCOG (Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) have a big clean up task. Least of which is the redeployment globally of 2,500 Olympic employees. “We had to have an online recruitment management system to outplace the 2,500 Olympic employees quickly and well”, explains Alison Hatchard, Project Manager, SOCOG for Lee Hecht Harrison (Global Career Management Services).”

PageUp Australia Pty Ltd has made the outplacement part of SOCOG’s big clean up task a dream using their software PageUp People. “It makes me smile to see people communicate so easily through the Internet”, said Simon Cariss, CEO of PageUp Australia. “We watch daily as the skilled Olympic workforce successfully find new jobs throughout the world.”

As part of their career management and outplacement services for SOCOG, LHH are offering an additional service to all Olympic employees by assisting in job placements after the Games. “To do this we consulted extensively with PageUp to design and develop a web-powered database for use in our Virtual Career management website” says Alison.

“SOCOG required a highly automated matching process to link employee resumes with potential job leads from clients and future organising committees for sporting events worldwide”, continues Alison, “PageUp, using their web software, PageUp People, have taken into account the specific needs of SOCOG and tailored the functionality of the database accordingly – all on-time and within budget.”

PageUp People (, developed in Australia, is a completely web-based recruitment management system designed to “plug in” to a company’s website. Once implemented into an organisations website it can be used from anywhere.

“PageUp People is designed to allow it to easily adopt the “look and feel” of the client’s website – just like a replaceable skin. The system then takes on a look of a large corporate, a fast moving internet company or a forward thinking accountancy practice all within a matter of days,” explains Simon.

PageUp People is now being implemented in corporates, upstart ‘dot com’ companies and innovative recruitment companies, all looking to gain the edge in today’s highly competitive job market.