Latest Enhancements Help Organizations Improve Their Employment Brand, Better Connect with Top Talent


ATLANTA, Ga., LONDON and MELBOURNE, Australia (February  05, 2014) PageUp People, a leading multinational talent management solutions provider, today announced details of its upgraded careers platform, a development designed to help employers enhance the candidate experience they provide their job applicants and project a more positive employment brand.

Research from the Candidate Experience Awards shows just how important candidate experience is for a company’s ability to maintain relationships with candidates and attract new talent. More than half of all candidates are likely to share their interview experiences with their peers, and increasingly do so on social media, thus the ability to provide a positive candidate experience has become a top priority for many organizations in terms of improving their ability to connect with top candidates.

Given the greater role that the candidate experience plays in shaping the employment brand and the company’s ability to attract top talent, PageUp People enhanced its career sites capability.

Over the past 12 months, PageUp People clients have been offered the option to upgrade their careers sites to achieve the following outcomes:

  •  Through full alignment between their careers site and their website branding, organizations can provide clearer representation of their employment brand and culture within the search and application process.
  • Organizations are able to deliver an enhanced candidate experience, from easily searching for relevant opportunities and setting job alerts to greater social connectivity and the ability to auto-populate profile details.
  • Employers can create a truly mobile experience by enabling candidates to apply for roles via any form of mobile device, without compromising the recruitment process.

“Many of our clients have recognized that their careers sites need to be engaging and different, in terms of representing the brand and the experience candidates would enjoy as employees,” said Bryce Dunn, Senior Vice President Global Product Management of PageUp People “This can be as simple as making the search and job alert functions on the site easier to a more complex overhaul of the site to better represent their brand, their culture and, most importantly, the type of employee they are trying to attract. In all instances mobile is a key consideration – making sure that all candidates can apply anywhere, anytime.”


All of PageUp People’s clients have mobile-optimized careers sites to ensure they can provide the 37% of candidates accessing their career sites via a mobile devices with an easy and rewarding experience.


“We understood, through research by TalentHQ, that up to 70 percent of visitors via a mobile device take action within an hour, and that percentage drops to 30 percent for other mediums,” said Bryce Dunn, Senior Vice President Global Product Management of PageUp People. “Therefore, we developed our enhanced careers site functionality to ensure our clients’ candidates have a positive experience when applying to their open positions.”


Supplying clients with the metrics to track and understand their candidates’ application experience is the next priority for PageUp People, with the intent to release this functionality in early 2014.


“A great mobile application experience isn’t only one that enables candidates to view and interact with a careers site on a mobile device. It is one that maintains the integrity of the organization’s brand and takes into consideration that they are on a mobile device,” said Bryce Dunn PageUp People’s senior vice president of Global Product Management.  “Helping our clients understand what devices a candidate is using to apply, if they change devices along the way, or just give up and if so where they give up, helps our clients make informed decisions regarding their career site set-up and application process.”


Some PageUp People clients currently using the company’s career site enhancements and leading the way with improved candidate experience and application processes include Officeworks WesTrac, Jetstar, iiNet.