Leader in Talent Management Technology Enhances Clients’ Candidate Experience With Innovative Mobile and Social Application Process

PageUp People, a leading multinational talent management solutions provider, reported the rapidly growing use of its Apply Anywhere capability in the final quarter of 2013. As job applicants increasingly use their mobile devices and social media platforms to search and apply to positions, more employers have recognized the value of PageUp People’s Apply Anywhere capability in delivering an efficient application process and an enhanced candidate experience.

“Our intent was to improve the candidate experience provided by our clients to their job applicants. Apply Anywhere capability enables candidates to apply from any device — whether PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone — at any time and from anywhere,” said Bryce Dunn, senior vice president of Global Product Management for PageUp People. “Our latest enhancements, such as the uploading of resumes via Dropbox and Google Drive, and the enthusiastic use by job applicants, have proven that candidates embrace mobile and social technologies to the significant degree that we predicted.”

With smartphone use expected to reach two billion people by 2015, employers who utilize the Apply Anywhere capability will have a competitive advantage in attracting top talent through an efficient, streamlined and mobile-optimized candidate experience. Market demand for such capability is clear; nearly 100,000 candidates who have applied to PageUp People’s clients’ positions in November and December of 2013 have uploaded their resumes using Dropbox or Google Drive, or confirmed that their most recent resume on file should be utilized for their current application.

In addition, the latest social enhancements have also been used by an increasing number of candidates to prefill job applications via their existing social media profiles. Although PageUp People has enabled candidates to prefill job applications using LinkedIn since 2011, the company expanded this capability to enable Facebook prefill in November. Overall, more than 28,000 candidates have utilized these social capabilities in the final quarter of 2013.

“As more of our clients leverage Facebook to advertize their open positions, it was only natural that we extend our social capabilities to include application prefill from this source as well,” said Dunn. “In the two months since introducing Facebook prefill, more than 17,000 candidates have used this service, highlighting our ability to meet demand for an enhanced candidate experience that truly enables job seekers to apply to jobs from anywhere and at any time with a simple and efficient process.”