MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – October 6, 1999 –

99% Percent of people prefer online!

In the recent Integral Innovation Benchmarking Network study, 99% of respondents preferred to fill in their survey using the Internet rather than doing it on paper.

100’s of managers and employees in some of Australia’s largest organisations participated in the survey.

The web-based survey eliminated the time consuming exercise of typing in peoples’ responses from paper into analysis software. Instantly, as people filled in their surveys, the data was recorded and automatically analysed, cutting out hours of manual work.

The web-based surveys were constructed quickly and easily using an exciting new web survey tool from PageUp Australia Pty. Ltd. ( called SurveySupreme (

SurveySupreme allows you to simply create a web-based survey, then instantly place your survey on the Internet and have all the results recorded back in a central database.

“The web survey saved hours of time data processing and enabled us to perform analysis immediately, without the long wait to receive paper based surveys.” Said Darryl Bubner, Managing Director of Australian Business Innovations Pty. Ltd. who utilised the web-based survey technology to successfully perform innovation audits on some of Australia’s largest and most innovative organisations.

“It was particularly pleasing to see the 99% preference towards using the online innovation audit.” Darryl said.

PageUp Australia’s Managing Director, Mr. Simon Cariss says, “The key to utilising the Internet, is being able to take everyday business processes and make them fast, easy to use, efficient and readily accessible. SurveySupreme’s immediate user acceptance over the Internet makes it a cost effective and efficient method for gathering information.”

Janet Nagly, from the Commonwealth Bank, who regularly performs surveys noted, “Congratulations for having this survey channel, it is very effective and easy to complete.”