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Over the past 20+ years, CareerBuilder has helped millions of people find jobs, and has equipped hundreds of thousands of employers with the talent they need. CareerBuilder is a global platform to help companies find and hire great talent. They have a robust resume database and a popular database serving 60+ markets worldwide spanning North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

By the numbers, their products and services deliver:

  • 24M job applications per month
  • 80M job applicants
  • 14M unique visitors per month
  • 60M resumes
  • 110M U.S. profiles with contact data
  • 4 M aggregated job openings
  • 3 M monthly jobs posted
  • 2,500+ talent networks
  • 150M organized government source data points
  • 22M employee reported data points
  • 28K employer reported data points

Our partner job board integration with CareerBuilder means that users can post jobs directly to the CareerBuilder job board from within PageUp, enabling PageUp clients to access CareerBuilder's vast talent pool.