Posted on 13 Apr 2015

About Red Cross

Relief in times of crisis, care when it’s needed most and commitment when others turn away. Red Cross is there for people in need, no matter who you are, no matter where you live. The organisation helps tens of millions of people around the world each year and cares for local communities in Australia and Asia Pacific.

With millions of volunteers worldwide and thousands of members, volunteers and supporters across Australia, the organisation can reach people and places like nobody else.

The Challenge

Facing significant changes to its business model, particularly a reduction in government funding that impacted budgets, Red Cross sought to recast its organisational structure and create a high-performance culture. This required changing mindsets from the view that performance management is a process reserved for dealing with poor performance and establishing a strong culture that values the insight gained from performance management.

Further compounding the issue was the organisation’s existing technology, comprised of older HR systems that were not integrated. Relying on paper-based forms, Red Cross struggled to understand who was completing performance reviews and gain the needed visibility into its talent. In addition to the challenge of managing a diverse and geographically spread workforce with varied skill levels and technological experience.

The Focus

To address these challenges, Red Cross sought a talent management solutions provider that could revamp its processes through an advanced technology solution. Some of the organisations requirements included the ability to:

  • Create talent management consistency across the diverse organisation while supporting the entire employee lifecycle;
  • Offer a simple solution that would enable talent management to become an everyday occurrence, growing, collaborating, learning and adapting as required;
  • Increase measurement capability for performance of the organisation as a whole and the performance of its talent;
  • Transition from process to people, with the goal of a single system that enables managers and employees to take performance management into their own hands;
  • Build a strong link between organisational goals and performance.

“For us, it’s about true partnership with PageUp. We never feel like we are being sold a product or having solutions pushed on us. PageUp has made it clear that they are on the journey with us. They are actually interested in hearing from us, what our business is up to, what we are doing culturally and what our leadership is wanting.”

The Solution

Following an extensive RFP process, Red Cross found that PageUp was uniquely qualified to deliver on these requirements. And although the organisation originally selected PageUp’s Recruitment and Onboarding modules, it soon expanded the partnership to automate its Performance and Learning functions as well.

The organisation is now able to deliver a seamless process to its staff, particularly those who are new to the business – in Red Cross teams they are ‘Connecting with the Heart of their people’. They get recruited and onboarded through the PageUp platform, and their ongoing performance and learning is captured and managed on that same solution. Now management can provide accurate and detailed evidence of where everyone is in the process, compared to the old paper-based method.

For instance, the Learning and Development team now has evidence to help the business understand how people can enhance their development opportunities in order to deliver on business goals. In addition, a culture shift is happening with performance management, it is now known as performance measurement; the business benefits from greater alignment to business goals than ever before.

“Technology puts the onus back on the managers to lead, to own, to do it.”

“Online performance gives control to the manager, and it becomes less about the process and more about the person.” – Mel Godber, Learning and Development Manager, Australian Red Cross