Posted on 30 May 2012

You might have seen a post at the start of the year by Simon Cariss explaining the two day developer innovation frenzy that we call TuneUp. Our team just finished another TuneUp, the perfect time to ask some of our developers what it means to them.

TuneUp is a chance for any member of the technical team to try out a new technology, improve an existing process or build a tool that can make their day to day just that little bit easier. We do it because we love to innovate and build new things and we don’t always get the chance to do this sort of stuff on top of our regular workload. -Scott

TuneUp is a chance for us to…work on the “wow” factor of our software, and make people’s lives easier. It helps us learn about new things and gives us the chance to spend time on things we’re willing to experiment with, rather than our usual day-to-day work. –Daniel

TuneUp is about spending some time on something that we’re passionate about. Teams get together and spend 2 days working on a problem and presenting on their solution….We do TuneUp’s so that the innovative ideas that developers have can be brought to life. This TuneUp my team used AppHarbor to host the application that we wrote and discussed with the floor how it could be used for future projects. -Dale

For those among us who are not developers, what is exciting about TuneUp is understanding how these ideas and creations will be brought to life inside our products. What we learn from TuneUp is that there is such amazing value in making time to innovate and that applies to any business function!

And don’t forget to TuneUp your HR knowledge via PageUp’s  Resource Hub, which features the latest research, insights and much more!