Posted on 17 Mar 2017

Many companies want to establish a culture of innovationone that will encourage flexibility, creativity and support risk-taking. The benefit? Breakthrough products, a superior customer experience and an agile response to market challenges. The most effective innovation strategies focus on people and talent management practicesincluding that of learning and developmentplacing HR in a unique position to enhance (or hinder) innovative behaviours and practices within an organisation.

But what is happening in organisations today, and what is HR’s rolespecifically the L&D functionin not only supporting, but also driving, a culture of innovation? Via the results of our Global HR Innovation Survey we investigated:

  •       the effectiveness of current talent management practices in driving and supporting innovation
  •       how prepared HR is to meet the future talent needs of the business

In this report, we specifically focus on the challenges L&D functions are facing in establishing a culture of innovation, and their current effectiveness in driving enterprise-wide innovation. We also discuss some of the shortfalls being faced in this area and provide practical advice for how L&D professionals can close the gaps.