Posted on 01 Sep 2017

It’s a complex new world for UK energy and utilities workforce management. The sector is currently facing unprecedented skills shortages due to an imminently retiring workforce and a small talent pool to source from within the UK; a situation which is only exacerbated by 36% of hard-to-fill vacancies being driven by a lack of proficient skills – well above the 23% national average across any other sector.

In this 40-page eBook, we dig deep into the specific challenges facing the UK energy and utilities sector.  We explore the existing strategies to mitigate the skills shortage, and map out a course of action for UK energy and utilities organisations to implement, in order to thrive beyond this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

From demographic shifts in the workforce to proactive sourcing and building candidate pipelines, we will discuss how organisations can optimise their talent management strategies by using technology to achieve organisational success. This eBook, RECRUITMENT: The New Normal for UK Energy & Utilities, is broken down out into four sections:

  • Mapping Changes in the Energy & Utilities Workforce
  • Exploring Trends in High Impact Talent Acquisition
  • Building Best Practice Recruitment
  • A Guide to RMS Best Practice

In addition to exploring the current climate in which energy and utilities organisations are operating, the flexibility imperative, the impact of technology and the socio-cultural context, this eBook will equip you to improve your benchmarking and forecasting with HR analytics. It will help you empower your hiring managers, improve internal mobility and the candidate experience, as well as understand the criteria for a first-class recruitment management system.

Finally, this eBook will be particularly useful in providing context and talent management information for leaders in human resources and technology for UK water supply and sanitation organisations, as well as nuclear, hydro, solar, thermal, and wind power generation and distribution organisations.

Download the eBook for free today to arm yourself in the war for talent that the UK energy and utilities sector is currently facing.