Posted on 06 Jun 2012

Today, neuroscience is providing powerful insights into cognitive and behavioral processes (how the mind and body interrelate) and is changing the way we think about thinking. This is now being extended to draw implications for how we tap into and nurture workplace talent. There’s a new game in town, and even though we’re only just learning the rules, leaders who adopt the new science will quickly benefit from these new insights into what really drives employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance.

Executive Summary

Talented employees are in high demand and short supply. The more challenging our world becomes, the more this will be true. Leaders and talent managers in organizations manage both the risks and opportunities that come with resourcing their businesses with the people who can deliver their goals.

Insights from neuroscience that will assist are only beginning to emerge and will continue to shape our understanding of what makes top talent tick and how organizational practices need to change to both accommodate and leverage this new information.

Rather than being concerned about what changes this may bring, leaders and talent managers should welcome and grasp this new information, for the insights and advantages it can create for the optimization of workplace performance and the unleashing of human potential.