Posted on 15 Jun 2016

We’re in the throes of a revolution in learning that’s long overdue. Over the past decade, technology has begun to disrupt the way we learn in earnest and change it for the better.  While the old learning methods have their place, there is real room for improvement.  These old models are now giving way to nimble, personalised new ways of delivering learning that are far more engaging and much more efficient.

Learners today are insisting that education be wherever they are – in the situations where questions arise and the answers can be directly applied. Those who answer this call stand to unlock untapped reserves of talent and potential.  Driven by the scientific and technological advances of the past three decades, businesses are at a new frontier in human learning.

This eBook explores insights into the neuroscience, trends and technology that are impacting corporate learning today, that HR and L&D professionals must know in order to create and drive a culture of learning and engagement in their organisations.

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