What initially drew me to the PageUp system is its user-friendly and intuitive nature. It’s important for us to have a system that staff can use without a whole lot of training, and this system affords that opportunity.

- Shawna M. Kuether, Deputy Director of Human Resources - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is one of the largest universities in its state. Nearly 14,000 students attend UW Oshkosh, where they have the opportunity to choose from over 60 majors and more than 100 minors across fifteen graduate programs and a doctoral program.

Before engaging with PageUp, UW Oshkosh was using an entirely paper-based recruiting process. It was a lengthy process that meant it would often take five to six months to fill certain positions. UW Oshkosh needed a system that was user friendly and intuitive that everyone could use with minimal training.

Staff at UW Oshkosh sometimes only needed to use the system a couple of times a year, so they really required the ability to login and use it without much fuss or forethought.

Using PageUp’s recruiting software and applicant tracking system, UW Oshkosh started to fill positions in just three months, increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process significantly.

Shawna M. Kuether, the Deputy Director of Human Resources at UW Oshkosh, says they have enjoyed many benefits with PageUp’s system.

“It is going to save employees time on recruiting processes and create a ton of efficiencies in the time it takes to fill positions.”

She said they found PageUp’s Onboarding functionality to be a “true recruiting and retention piece” and an essential component of its HR software-as-a-service.

Overall, Kuether says she has found the nature of the PageUp system to be user friendly, intuitive, and importantly, flexible.

“Being able to customize the system to what we need it to look like is also a huge benefit, [especially] being able to customize on our own, as procedures and processes may need to change in order for improvements to happen.”

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