We looked at a number of technology providers, but when we saw PageUp straight away we knew it was the one for us. It's a very easy to use system. The dashboard makes it really easy for us to see where jobs are at, where the recruiters are at, so instantly it seemed to be the right solution for a large organisation like ours.

- Sarah Larson, National Recruitment Manager, ISS Facility Services Australia

From humble beginnings, ISS Group has grown to become one of the leading Facility Services organisations in the world, with some 14,000 employees in Australia alone. Founded in 1901 in Copenhagen, ISS Group prides itself on developing capable and knowledgeable employees who outperform in all functions its clients require.

ISS Group came to PageUp looking to convert their completely manual recruitment process into a more streamlined and automated system.

PageUp passed a rigorous selection process by offering the flexibility and configurability ISS was looking for in a software-as-a-service.

Scott Wilson, the National Manager of Employment Programs at ISS Facility Services Australia, said PageUp’s easy-to-use functionality for both administration and candidates put it “heads and shoulders above the rest”.

Where once ISS’s national recruitment drive of up to 4,000 people involved lots of paperwork, it’s now all electronic and centralised through PageUp. This has made it easier for the organisation to collect data efficiently and accurately.

ISS Recruitment Coordinator Chris Ennis said PageUp’s recruitment software has simplified his role.

“Since having PageUp in place, my role as a recruiter has become much more streamlined. Having everything online on the one system is really effective,” he said.

With PageUp, ISS has since managed to significantly improve compliance, speed-to=hire, and service standards across the business.


ISS National Recruitment Manager Sarah Larson is impressed with the working relationship cultivated between ISS and PageUp.

“We have weekly meetings to identify better ways to do things, and to maximise the use of the system,” she said.

Other standouts for ISS is PageUp’s 24-7 Help Desk, which is always available, and the excellent support team, which can assist ISS with technical questions.

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