MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – July 29th, 2009 – Integrated Talent Management solutions provider PageUp People, has today announced a significant upgrade to the Performance Management Solution, one that is set to revolutionise and energise the human capital process.

The innovative enhancement to the Software as a Service platform sees the process of setting objectives, gathering feedback and conducting an appraisal to no longer be a strictly linear process, a key differentiator to many other solutions on the market.

The enhancement also includes a revamped Facebook-like interface, designed for intuitive use of the platform for all stakeholders.

Web 2.0 features, including a dynamic 9 box grid and tag clouds are also included in the upgrade. The new features act to leverage commonly used technology to rejuvenate the process whilst drastically minimising the gap between best practice and reality for clients.

Karen Cariss, CEO, is thrilled with the outcome, noting it as yet another significant step toward innovating the integrated talent management suite of web based products.

“The latest enhancement really has catapulted the product into a new league”.

The ability for employees and managers to continually add items to the Performance Management Solution, rather than waiting until their time of appraisal has significant positive ramifications on the accuracy of performance appraisals.

Furthermore, by having a more robust system and greater presence of performance management throughout an organisation, HR really has the ability to shift the culture of an organisation to more closely align with business objectives.

The Performance Management Solution integrates with PageUp People’s other web based products, including the Recruitment Management, Succession Management and 360 Review systems.

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PageUp People assists organisations to acquire and retain the best talent through the development and integrated delivery of innovative talent management systems and solutions. Established in 1997, PageUp People has successfully built upon its beginnings as a custom software developer to create an extensive suite of integrated talent management web-based tools and consulting solutions which are now delivered to some of the world’s largest organisations on a global scale. PageUp People is at the forefront of innovation in talent management solutions with global best-practice research underpinning all consulting practices and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.