ATLANTA, Ga. and MELBOURNE, Australia (October 3, 2011) – International Talent Management solutions provider, PageUp People, today announced the availability of CareerPath, an unprecedented predictive talent modeling application that provides powerful, self-serve career development for employees while providing equal benefit as a talent supply planning and readiness tool for employers. Introduced during the 14th Annual HR Technology® Conference & Exposition, CareerPath, a powerful addition to the PageUp People Development Solution, enhances an employer’s overall development strategy by drawing upon employee and recruiting data to model and plan progression routes, taking into consideration a company’s career mobility, competency requirements, training requisites, certifications and other identified conditions for advancement.

For the employee, CareerPath provides easy, at-a-glance insight into potential career paths within a company and the anticipated time commitment required to move up. CareerPath facilitates meaningful conversations between a Manager and employee, producing individualized development plans based on the employee’s specific career aspirations and company opportunities. The solution also provides employees with mentoring connections to others that have followed a similar track, keeping employees engaged while demonstrating a company’s commitment to internal growth.

For the employer, CareerPath is a powerful Career Planning Tool that can map timelines to prepare employees for critical roles and help to facilitate employee skill development. In particular, for companies that operate across various geographies, CareerPath enables greater visibility into company-wide talent management intelligence, providing decision support for strategic, long-term talent supply planning and employee mobility.

“CareerPath is the latest addition to our full suite, Talent Management solution, helping companies attract the best candidates by demonstrating a commitment to career advancement and future opportunity,” commented Karen Cariss, CEO for PageUp People. Specifically, Cariss added, “While attracting candidates is critical to a company’s success, retaining high performing employees also is crucial. By focusing on career development for employees, CareerPath gives companies a highly effective retention tool and enables the identification of the roles and individuals critical to a company’s success.”

CareerPath is available now by visiting PageUp People will be demonstrating the capabilities of CareerPath in Booth 1044 at the HR Technology Conference, being held in Las Vegas from October 3 to 5.