Latest Research From PageUp People Underscores Challenges of Talent Management in China

ATLANTA, GA and MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA–(Mar 26, 2012) – PageUp People™, a Multinational Talent Management solutions provider, today announced the release of its recent research titled, “Into China: Talent Management Essential in a Land of Paradox,” authored by Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith, senior vice president of Research. As more companies expand operations into the growing market of China, they are presented with the enormous opportunities of the country’s large workforce as well as the many difficulties arising from different workplace practices and norms. This new research explores the reasons behind these challenges and how organizations seeking to leverage the growing qualified workforce in China can best equip themselves to maximize employee performance.

With China at the cusp of significant change, there are several challenges facing multinational corporations already established in China and those looking to expand their operations into the country. The aim of PageUp People’s research paper is to provide organizations with insight into how they can better understand and manage their talent in an environment drastically different from their home base. It is designed to educate and provide practical suggestions for optimizing human capital productivity and engagement while exploring the challenging differences between the western and eastern worlds.

Key findings include:

  • Insight into the many hurdles multinational corporations face when expanding into China, including high levels of government bureaucracy, inconsistent interpretation of regulations and unclear labor laws.
  • The impact of longstanding cultural norms of the Chinese workplace that stress teamwork over individual achievement, avoidance of negative feedback, and resistance to “standing out from the crowd” by pursuing opportunities for leadership and innovation.
  • How organizations can implement performance appraisals and identify high potential and high performing employees in light of China’s cultural workplace practices.
  • How multinational corporations can adopt effective recruiting strategies that take into account the sensitive cultural differences to ensure they hire and retain qualified, talented workers.

As China continues to rapidly change and grow, a real challenge for multinational corporations is determining how they can keep up and adapt their talent management best practices to meet the needs of the local workforce,” said Vorhauser-Smith. “Despite the cultural and bureaucratic barriers involved with expanding business into China, there is enormous opportunity for companies to leverage this growing source of labor. Our research shows that organizations will need to develop a deep understanding of the nuances of the Chinese workforce in order to maximize performance of their human capital and achieve profitability in an increasingly competitive market.”

For a limited time, the research is available for download at this link.