Posted on 02 Mar 2016

The Challenge

Established in 1951, Programmed is a leading provider of staffing, maintenance and facility management. The company employs more than 10,000 staff and tradespeople in order to provide a high level of support to its more than 7,000 customers in locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company uses a lean HR shared services model that relies on managers handling day-to-day HR transactions.

A large percentage of Programmed’s employees operate in the field at client sites and did not have access to the Programmed intranet site where the majority of HR-related information was stored. This accessibility challenge was exacerbated by the six different systems that Programmed used to manage its HR programs across its operations. Despite its stated competitive advantage of “recruiting, maintaining and deploying a skilled workforce,” Programmed struggled with effectively managing its disparate people processes, resulting in duplication of effort and no clear “source of truth” for all HR data.

Since many of its original HR systems had been built internally over time as business needs dictated, the potential cost and complexity of a comprehensive systems upgrade and integration were daunting. Programmed recognised that its current processes were not an efficient way to manage its HR practices, however, and so the company began to explore different options and systems that would meet its needs.


“Each of our managers had to learn how to navigate all of these different systems with a different look and feel and different logins. We needed a system that would allow our managers to address HR issues out in the field, especially via mobile devices, but we were concerned that bringing all of these systems up to a level of usability and mobility was going to cost a lot of money.”  Michaela Lihou, HR Manager, Programmed

The Focus

Specifically, Programmed wanted a dynamic, transparent system that would help drive employee engagement and retention, providing the visibility necessary to demonstrate the numerous career paths available within the organisation. In addition, with a large percentage of its workforce in the field, Programmed needed a solution that would be compatible with a variety of mobile devices. The company also was looking to minimize the onerous manual processes associated with its onboarding approach and make it more consistent for every new employee joining the company.

Programmed turned to PageUp to embark on a phased integrated talent management solution that would allow the company to pilot an onboarding and payroll integration with one business unit before launching it unit by unit across the company. Through this phased approach, Programmed and PageUp were able to implement lessons learned from one business unit into future implementations and ensure that the technology was tailored to meet the unique needs of each business unit. After the successful phase one implementation for onboarding and payroll, Programmed conducted phase two, which included performance, succession and talent. Phase three implementation, which includes analytics, learning, compensation management and career path, is currently underway.


“PageUp was the ideal solution. When we researched Onboarding solutions, we knew we needed a system that would suit our workforce, our culture and our mobility requirements. We hadn’t started our journey looking for one system to solve all of our problems, but in seeing the capabilities of the PageUp system, we saw that it ‘ticked all of our boxes’ and that this would be the best solution to address our needs.” Michaela Lihou, HR Manager, Programmed

The Solution

One of the primary objectives of the PageUp implementation was to enable everyone at Programmed to be more self-sufficient when it comes to taking HR-related actions. Thanks to the streamlined, mobile-enabled PageUp platform, Programmed’s management team can easily navigate all necessary HR systems using a single sign-on system, no matter which device they are using. This self-service philosophy extends to the lean HR team at Programmed who now have the training they need to work within the PageUp system to make adjustments based on evolving business needs
Through PageUp’s talent management technology, Programmed has been able to improve visibility into all of its HR processes, driving employee engagement and retention. The onboarding process has become more consistent across the organisation as well as more engaging, especially during the critical first six months of employment. In addition, the integrated PageUp platform has facilitated deeper insights into potential career paths for employees across the entire organisation, not just their business unit or division. With the flexible approach that PageUp’s single platform delivers, Programmed now has a solution that can meet all of its employees’ needs in each environment in which they are working.