Posted on 07 Jun 2012




  • Excessive time-to-fill rates, as HR reviewed over 90 job applications for every open position
  • Missed candidate expectations with poor application experience and lack of communication during hiring process
  • Processed over 9,000 applications in two months using inefficient manual processes


Recruitment Management Solution (RMS)


  • Increased talent reach of international candidates with desired skills through talent pooling
  • Reduced applicant pool by 22% with automated screening, removing 2,000 candidates who did not fit minimum job requirements from consideration
  • Improved candidate communications through SMS, email and self-service event scheduling


A global services provider to the aerospace industry, this supplier is headquartered in the U.K. and has operations in Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Switzerland and the U.S. The company was challenged to expand its staff using manual processes and general office software. As a result, recruiters spent excessive time on administrative activities rather than on sourcing talent, which led to excessively slow time-to-fill rates and increased reliance of hiring managers on human resources to staff positions.


The global aerospace supplier selected the PageUp Recruitment Management Solution (RMS) for its flexible approach and global capability, which includes tailored candidate marketing for attracting top talent, reporting and analytics on associated recruiting costs to best allocate resources, and talent pooling of internal and external candidates to build a pipeline for future positions. As explained by the Resources Director of the company, “We chose PageUp for their global availability, flexible solutions, smart implementation model and continuous customer service.”


The aerospace supplier immediately benefited with an improved candidate experience that better communicated its employer brand and resulted in an increase in candidate traffic to its career site. Additionally, HR had an improved user experience, which helped facilitate adoption of recruiting processes by hiring managers, who could now track and review candidates more efficiently in the system without reliance on HR to complete these tasks.

The PageUp RMS also streamlined sourcing for recruiters by extending their candidate reach through its career site, job board posting, staffing agency management, and talent pooling capabilities in the solution. As a result, the company was able to reduce its time-to-fill rate by 42 percent, while also improving quality of hire by quickly retaining top candidates from a broader talent pool.

With alignment of its recruiting processes across the organization, this supplier now had visibility into its recruiting costs and could better allocate resources to improve business outcomes.