Posted on 24 Mar 2017


Established in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the primary global body representing professional accountants. Supporting over 188,000 members and 455,000 students in 180 countries, ACCA provides individuals seeking a career in accountancy, finance and management, with world-class qualifications that are business-ready and aligned with global standards.

ACCA’s business model is built around its ability to have the best people delivering the very best service and support to its customers and member base. That puts the talent acquisition group under immense pressure to recruit staff who are highly motivated and committed to fulfilling this charter. The ability to quickly identify, engage, hire and onboard interested and qualified candidates, remains a constant and top priority for the association’s talent acquisition teams. And with ACCA’s substantial global reach, talent management processes need to be not only highly accurate but also efficient enough to scale across markets – regardless of numerous differences in HR practices.

Making sure that every new recruit is committed to customer service is key for the recruitment team. Finding, engaging and capturing those committed people and getting them on board quickly and efficiently is critical to our team’s success Martin McDonald, Head of Resourcing and HR Business Partner – ACCA.



ACCA’s recruitment systems had become increasingly incapable of keeping up with the pace and agility required for finding, acquiring, and training its talent. Recruiting was done by manually filling out forms and tracking hires using Excel spreadsheets, which took up significant amounts of time and focus. With recruiters handling over 30 vacancies each on average at any one time, the amount of manual work involved placed huge strain on ACCA’s talent acquisition staff. The organisation recognised that it needed a far nimbler and more automated in-house platform if it were to sustain its current levels of talent acquisition and development.

After much consideration, ACCA decided to move away from its manual processes and upgraded to a more automated approach. This new direction and subsequent partnering with PageUp proved to be the right decision, as work was drastically reduced. After deploying PageUp™ Recruitment Management, ACCA’s recruiters have reported that they can devote more energy and resources toward understanding the needs of the business and, determine crucial data to track and deliver more added value to every interaction with internal customers and stakeholders.

After deploying PageUp’s recruitment solution, our staff have reported that they can devote more energy and resources toward understanding the needs of the business. We can determine crucial data to deliver added value to every interaction with our internal customers and stakeholders. Martin McDonald, Head of Resourcing and HR Business Partner – ACCA.



ACCA automated significant sections of the talent acquisition process, enabling its recruiters to expand capacity and eliminate reliance on third-party outsourcing. In order to demonstrate true and quantifiable ROI to its management, ACCA’s HR team also used the PageUp system to monitor and map its recruiting performance to core business goals. PageUp exceeded ACCA’s aggressive HR targets in a range of areas, including:

  • reducing cost per hire by 20%
  • making cost savings of more than £1.8 million

Besides exceeding business targets, these results also boosted the morale of the recruiters, as they were able to be more personal and hands-on with applicants and candidates, and accomplish their work in less time, without the need of external agencies. ACCA’s success with PageUp has allowed its HR team to strive for more ambitious targets, such as increasing direct recruitment to make up 98% of all new hires. The entire process has made ACCA’s talent management strategy much more sustainable, scalable, and measurable, directly aligning it to the association’s core business goals and growth.

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