Posted on 23 Feb 2016

The Challenge

AMP is a leading independent wealth management company operating in Australia and New Zealand with more than 6,000 current employees. AMP are expanding their existing five mission retail customer base to Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. AMP support Lean practices across their business.

AMP faced the external pressures of business expansion overseas and finding diverse and quality candidates to meet their ongoing business demands. In addition there was a growing need for the team to provide transparency of their recruitment practices and deliver visible ROI.

AMP reviewed their recruitment practices and identified critical issues that were reducing their ability to deliver quality talent to their business including:

  • The need for transparency of recruitment data “real-time” and self-service to Business Partners /Line Managers.
  • The ability to be Agile with business practices in HR was being compromised by the limitation of visible “Evidence based” ROI.
  • Manual manipulation of data from a number of data points was time consuming and prone to error.

Although AMP had attempted to answer these questions in order to streamline its recruiting efforts, it found the processes of gathering this information required extensive specialist resources. Additionally, the Head of Recruitment for AMP was looking to implement a more proactive sourcing approach to benefit the organisation and the ability to get the data to support the relevant business cases was a challenge.

The Focus

As part of the solution to address these recruitment challenges AMP chose to extend its partnership with PageUp, taking advantage of the extensive Analytical capabilities. AMP embarked on a journey which initially focused on outcomes in Recruitment to:

  • View live sourcing channel trends and demographic data to support changes in sourcing direction.
  • Increase line manager and business partner engagement with graphical data relating to their business needs available via their iPad.
  • Remove 37 hours a week work on data manipulation and reduce costs.

“I am now able to take my iPad to meetings with my clients, bring up the dashboards and lead informed discussions that result in better recruiting results. We can then use this information to make immediate decisions regarding actions to be taken to improve performance and make improved hiring decisions. I can now allocate resources, both monetary and people, where they will have the biggest impact and the best return on investment.” – Adam Buxton, Head of Recruitment for AMP

The Solution

The AMP Recruitment team worked closely with PageUp to define the metrics that would enable them to convey the success of their recruiting efforts. Upon defining which metrics would be most crucial totelling their story, and the process of transferring knowledge from the PageUp team to AMP, the AMP Recruitment team designed enhanced interactive reporting dashboards. PageUp worked to ensure AMP was able to self-service any new dashboard or change the underlying reporting requirements, while helping to enable self-service for internal clients.

Supplementing the industry best practice interactive dashboards that come standard with the PageUp system, AMP is now empowered to create effective dashboards and reports that best represent the company’s unique business requirements. With minimal training, AMP now realise the potential of their data. Moreover, having embedded analytics within the recruitment process has enabled the recruiting team to make well-informed talent management decisions on the spot, without having to wait for weekly or monthly reports. As a result, the company benefits from immediate ROI on its technology investment by greatly reducing the amount of time spent on the recruiting process and ensuring the right people are identified and placed into the right roles.

“Our clients comment constantly on the improvements they see in the service the Recruitment team provides. My team is much more satisfied in their roles, as they are now able to spend more time on the strategic components of recruiting, with the analytics providing direction. Improved client satisfaction and enhanced team engagement, all from reading and presenting the data in a way that can be easily consumed while enabling informed decisions – now that is satisfying.” – Adam Buxton, Head of Recruitment for AMP