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PageUp Celebrates 20 Years in HR Tech

Here's a snapshot of our global journey as we look back to look forward...


Managing a workforce doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With our easy-to-use HR software-as-a-service, you can recruit, develop and retain your employees wherever they are in the world. And you can do it all on the one unified talent management platform.

Boost employee performance and drive workplace productivity with our SaaS-delivered talent management system. Our seamless, mobile-optimised solution works with you from hiring to retiring to help you get the most out of your employees.

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Attract, source, select and make offers to permanent and contracted staff through the ONE platform. Our mobile-enabled recruitment software will give your business a seamless talent acquisition solution.

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It’s not easy starting a new job. Engage your new starters from the beginning with our interactive onboarding software. Make a great first impression with an engaging learning and resource portal, automated forms, and trackable workflows.

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Learning Management

Engage, develop and inspire your talent with our complete end‐to‐end learning management system. It’s mobile‐optimised to provide your staff the freedom to expand their knowledge and develop their skills anytime, anywhere.

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Performance Management

Empower your employees and their managers to set and regularly review performance and development goals. With our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use performance management system, you can create a high-performance culture and boost productivity.

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Succession Planning

Gain insight into your talent pipeline with our analytics-driven retention and succession module. It lets you track critical positions and employees so you can stay ahead of the game. And it helps you create efficient succession plans so your business isn’t left behind if a valued employee moves on.

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In‐depth Analytics

Confidently make informed business and HR decisions with our analytics module. You can even use our retrospective and predictive analytics functions across the entire PageUp talent management suite. Imagine having all the most important data in one place, whenever you need it!

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying


"PageUp is all about smart technology. We ourselves are a very innovative company. We've been innovating for 170 years, and people expect that we should have that same amount of innovation in our HR processes and systems as well. The PageUp system really delivers that." - Phil Turner, HR Specialist – Talent, Projects & Systems, Human Resources, Lindt & Sprunglia

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“By automating significant sections of the talent acquisition process through the PageUp recruitment solution, our team was able to expand their capacity to source more talent directly, and eliminate reliance on third-party outsourcing.” – Martin McDonald, Manager for Resourcing, ACCA

Australian Red Cross

“It’s about a partnership between people and technology. We want to marry the technology with the heart, and the team (at PageUp) has been so prepared to help us do that.” – Melinda Godber, Learning and Development Manager - Australian Red Cross



Sector Spotlight

PageUp for UK Energy & Utilities: Secure Your Workforce & Beat the Skills Gap

We partner with energy and utilities organisations globally to empower you to engage and retain your most important asset. The success of your organisation hinges on your ability to proactively source, develop, and retain top talent in your sector, especially in the face of an unprecedented skills shortage. Our cloud-based solutions enable you to:

  • Secure your talent pipeline
  • Ensure compliance
  • Reduce time-to-fill
  • Retain your top talent.

PageUp™ Unified Talent Management Software: Built For Higher Ed

We’ve had 15 years experience working with universities and colleges across the globe. We’ve accumulated a breadth of knowledge and understanding over that time, allowing us to help you enhance talent management at your institution by empowering you to:

  • Hire faculty, students, and staff in one unified solution
  • Streamline your search committee process
  • Manage learning and career development

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CLIFFHANGER explores the digital revolution and its impact on the workforce and HR.  The book synthesizes current HR thinking with futurist forecasts and CHRO experiences in the field. It matches thought leadership with pragmatic suggestions on how HR needs to rethink, reframe and reorganise the function to benefit from the life-and-work-changing realities of our time.

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