We have been able to improve our approval times, our postings times and our time-to-fill. We've sped up the whole process.

- Shannon Lemke, Human Resources Assistant, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

From trepidation to enjoyment

It’s natural for people to be sensitive to change, so when staff at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh first heard about a rehaul of recruitment systems, not everyone was enthusiastic. “I think they were a little nervous at first. We had a complete paper process before PageUp, so when they heard that we were implementing this new technology system, they were a bit scared and nervous,” says Shannon Lemke, Human Resources Assistant at the university. “After they have gone through some training and they’ve done a recruitment themselves, the most common feedback that I hear from them is ‘Wow, it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be,’” she says.

In fact, it’s changed the way recruitment is perceived at the university. “Prior to PageUp I think people saw recruitment as a burden. It was not a fun task. People saw it as an extra task they had to do on top of their already busy busy work schedules. I think it’s allowed them to enjoy the process a little more. They realise that it can be fun,” says Lemke.

Improved time-to-hire and happier candidates

The benefits of implementing PageUp have been immediate. “From a functional perspective we have been able to improve our approval times, our postings times and our time-to-fill. We’ve sped up the whole process,” explains Lemke.

It’s also improved the candidate experience. “The PageUp system has been great for our candidates as well,” says Lemke. “With our old processes they were left in the dark, they didn’t know where they were in the recruitment process. Now they are looped into the process and kept up-to-date, and they really appreciate that.”

Awesome customer service

“I would describe my working relationship with PageUp as being really authentic and easy. I feel like PageUp has listened to what our needs and wants are and really takes care of us. It’s been pretty amazing,” says Lemke.

She has a few words of advice to get the best out of the PageUp team. “My advice for my peers would be to just be open and honest with their representatives – being open to any suggestions they have. They know PageUp way more than you could ever imagine, so they have great tips and tricks to harness your system to the fullest. Be honest with them and tell them what’s working and what’s not working – because they just want to make sure that your system is working the best for you. PageUp has been really amazing for our campus.”

For instant answers, Lemke is a fan of the PageUp Knowledge Portal. “I like to tell people that it’s kind of like Google but for PageUp, so anything that I want to know I just type it in the search bar and it gives me really nice step-by-step processes.

Making data-based decisions

Having metrics for success allows Lemke and her team to communicate improvements to the broader management team. “We are using metrics to measure our success now. Being able to pull the reports is really amazing, you can report on anything and you can edit it any way you want. This is helping us understand how we stand, what we can do better and what we have already improved on.”