I think it's made a huge difference. We are getting more applicants, especially for those tough-to-fill positions.

- Ruby Carnevale, Director of Employment Services, University of Massachusetts

Ruby Carnevale, Director of Employment Services at University of Massachusetts Lowell has delivered her fair share of training sessions, but rarely has she received a round of applause for the content.

Technology people love

“I’ve done lots of trainings – part of my job is to do search committee training and also system training,” explains Carnevale, who delivered training sessions on PageUp Recruitment at the university. “I got rounds of applause just for showing them some of the simple things that they really wanted that they couldn’t do before. That to me means we did we did our job right,” she says.

Increased applicant pipeline

“We were getting a lot of complaints from applicants who were applying with our old system and we haven’t had any complaints,” says Carnevale. It’s not just ease-of-use that’s improved, actual number of applicants has risen. “I think it’s made a huge difference. We are getting more applicants, especially for those tough-to-fill positions,” says Carnevale.

Perfecting processes

“My number one piece of advice is to make sure that you have your existing process documented,” says Carnevale. In addition to documenting existing processes, so that PageUp can be configured to best deliver on them, Carnevale says there’s a lot to be learnt from working with PageUp. “Keep an open mind – you’re so used to doing things a certain way. We learned a lot from PageUp in terms of process efficiencies. I really loved working with the PageUp team,” she says.

As faculty staff and applicants use the system, Carnevale can tweak PageUp in response to feedback. “I think it makes it much easier as we continue to improve and get feedback from not just applicants but our customers – which are our faculty and our staff who are actually using the system,” she says.

With recruiting now firmly in hand, Carnevale is turning her attention to improving onboarding at the university.