Posted on 11 Oct 2017


Strategic HR – it’s not rocket science. But it can seem like it without the right solutions to help you align your talent strategy with your organisational goals within the healthcare sector.

As experts in talent management for over 20 years, PageUp knows the success of your healthcare organisation hinges upon your ability to proactively source, develop, and retain top hospital talent – including physicians, clinical, and non-clinical staff. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge Unified Talent Management solution that makes strategic HR decision-making easier than ever before, saving you time and money while ensuring your workforce remains highly-engaged to best serve the needs of your patients.

Key features of PageUp’s talent management and recruitment solutions for the healthcare sector include:

Proactive Sourcing

Stay ahead of the competition by finding the best and brightest, passive and active talent for those hard-to-fill specialist roles. Identify, engage, and market to a quality pipeline of internal and external candidates with our Talent Search CRM.

Flexible Workflows

Our highly-configurable system allows you to create unique processes for each job family across clinical to non-clinical roles. As many workflows and position descriptions as you need.

Position Descriptions

Capture the right talent with an unlimited number of position descriptions for every role. These forms are completely configurable, permission-able, and can even support email approval workflows.


Reach and engage potential candidates as well as existing employees anytime, anywhere – our solutions are mobile-optimised and app-enabled right out of the box.


Ensure your new hires are engaged well before Day 1, transitioning from candidate to employee through their own personalised, onboarding portal.

Analytics & Reporting

We’ve partnered with other healthcare organisations to provide hundreds of out-of-the-box reports including EEO reporting. Our report builder caters to all your ad-hoc requests.