MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – January 31, 2007 –

Most employers and recruitment agencies are still failing to refer to their existing candidate databases to recruit talent before advertising vacancies, says Karen Cariss, CEO of PageUp People.

According to Cariss, if the Australian market wants to solve the “war for talent”, it is moving much too slowly in taking up this simple recruitment technique compared to the US.

1 in 2 Fortune 500 companies is a proactive recruiter. These organisations not only refer to their talent pool first before they advertise they also search for candidates before they even have positions listed so they can keep their talent pools constantly updated.

Large organisations recruit on an enormous scale, sometimes filling tens of thousands of positions every year. They can’t afford to wait two-weeks for an application then select, classify and screen them. The turnaround time is too long for both the company and potential candidate.

Cariss adds that taking on a proactive recruitment approach not only reduces time-to-fill rates, it also minimises recruitment advertising costs substantially; money which can be reallocated to development and retention programmes.

Candidates that make the talent pool selection have already been classified, psychometric tested and background checked. The candidate is then ready to be recommended for hiring within 24-hours.

To accelerate the move to talent pool recruitment, PageUp People is consulting organisations on how to be more proactive as well as adding enhancements to its existing recruitment system to further simplify the selection and classification process and improve communication to candidates who are waiting in the talent pool to be hired.

Upgrades will be announced over the next 2 to 3 months.

PageUp People has released a white paper on the use of talent pools in Australia which is available for purchase online.