MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – November 17, 2007 – PageUp unveiled enhanced functionality to the recruitment module, Microsite, to target generation Y candidates during September. The module of the PageUp People Recruitment solution, now called Microsite Interactive, uses Web 2.0 technology, the latest in the building of today’s recruitment technology.

Microsite Interactive incorporates popular online features including blogs, online chat and networking forums used specifically to engage individuals online. PageUp has taken advantage of this technology to enhance employer branding on career websites.

PageUp partnered with Alcan to enhance the module. Manager of Alcan Careers, Kristle Wedrat, says that simply being online is not enough to reach the young audience.

“Our aim was to be at the forefront of this technology by using global online chatrooms to link students from all over Alcan to talk with each other and build relationships. These chats will be regularly attended by Alcan guest speakers and include invitations for external students to learn more about our business. Online forums will play a critical role in providing students and graduates with the opportunity to discuss learning’s and specific topics which relate to the program.”