PageUp Australia Pty Ltd is releasing a new range of Australian built Internet software at The Business World Expo ’99 this week. PageUp has transformed many organisations with their “Enterprise Integration” software and now offers packaged solutions to help Australian businesses move towards integrating with the Internet. The Enterprise Integration software will help companies revolutionise their internal and external business processes without having to re-develop their entire information systems.

The Enterprise Integration process is simple. Every business operates with accounting packages, a payroll system, client databases, invoicing and all of the other business information systems. Enterprise Integration takes these business processes and creates integrated on-line applications. Clients can view information about their own projects, sales staff can access client information, customers can purchase on-line, potential clients can be informed and employees can access company information systems from any Internet connection in the world! Business becomes mobile, efficient, up-to-date and ahead of the competition.

The Enterprise Integration packages that PageUp has developed are called PageUp People, PageUp Client Club, PageUp Products and the PageUp Web Database. Each product is a starting point in integrating companies with the on-line world.

PageUp People is a comprehensive recruitment system that makes hiring people a breeze even when the HR department is inundated with 100’s or 1000’s of applications. The Internet based application allows applicants to answer questions and submit their resume on-line. PageUp People is integrated with the company information system so that it handles letters and interviews. A preview of this product is available at:

PageUp Client Club is designed for client focused organisations. PageUp Client Club enables customers to integrate with businesses. They can login to the company web site anytime, and find out information specific to client needs. Members can keep their information up to date themselves on-line. Also, you can e-mail all your customers in one simple action to update them on the latest news – saving $1000s in mail-outs. A preview of this product is available at:

PageUp Products is an interactive catalogue system. Companies can put their product or service “out there” on the Internet in an interactive and easy to up-date manner. Using PageUp Products, it’s easy to create an interactive web site, add catalogue items and services, pictures and sounds, without any knowledge of how to write web pages. As you update your information systems catalogue, the updates automatically show on your web site! See it in action at:

PageUp Web Database allows user-friendly access to business information systems. This product uses a simple web interface that runs in any browser to enable users to easily add, edit or update information as required. For an on-line demonstration visit:

Integration goes beyond your “internal company”. Integration extends to customers, suppliers, strategic alliances and potential customers. Enterprise Integration helps explode your information systems out of the office and into the world where they will be working for you around the clock.

The official release of the Enterprise Integration products will be held at the Business World Expo ’99 at the Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne, May 7th – 9th.