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PageUp™ Unified Talent Management

Managing a workforce doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With our easy-to-use HR software-as-a-service (SaaS), you can recruit, develop and retain your employees wherever they are in the world.

PageUp Unified Talent Management is a strategic human capital management software solution, capable of delivering outcomes across the entire employee lifecycle, via technology built for a mobile and social world. It comprises Recruitment and Application Tracking, Onboarding, Performance Management, Learning Management and Succession Planning modules, with in-depth HR Analytics capabilities running across the entire suite.

PageUp provides ONE experience and ONE platform for you to deliver and manage your talents’ journey, ensuring you spend your time working on outcomes, not with inputs.

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….with the right tools to build a high-performance workforce, develop great leaders, and keep top talent engaged.

One Platform
One Experience manage the entire employee journey, from hire to retire, via our seamless HR software-as-a-service platform

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Business Results

...and create efficiency as well as demonstrate a return on your human capital investment through powerful analytics and reporting.

PageUp Unified Talent Management helps you deliver competitive advantage and engagement, by ensuring your most expensive asset, your people, are in the right roles, at the right time, through:

visibility over your entire talent pool in a single employee profile
intelligence on current and future skill gaps, mobility and readiness
pathways to close talent gaps and promote employee engagement

Listen to What Our Client Says:

PageUp was the ideal solution. We knew we needed a system that would suit our workforce, our culture and our mobility requirements. We hadn't started our journey looking for one system to solve all of our problems, but in seeing the capabilities of the PageUp system, we saw that it ‘ticked all of our boxes’ and that this would be the best solution to address our needs.

- Michaela Lihou, HR Manager - Programmed

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