Posted on 24 Oct 2013




This utilities client faced pressure in the external business environment due to aging infrastructure, rising energy prices, margin compression and skill shortages. In addition there was a need for transparency and consistency in a highly unionised workplace before greater efficiencies and productivity improvements, leading to demonstrable ROI, could be realised.
Organisational reviews highlighted a number of critical Human Resource issues in the business’s current approach to talent management, including:

  • Siloed, transactional and inconsistent approach to processes, thinking and culture across the organization
  • Cultural challenges leading to a lack of urgency around change and high performance
  • Need for transparency and improvements in performance and leadership capability

While improvements to manual processes were clearly needed, a more profound shift in the organisation’s performance culture was seen as imperative if the business were to overcome its challenges. The significant need to achieve change and demonstrable value improvements required a more strategic and committed approach to culture change and performance management. As a result, the utilities client commenced their journey to HR excellence underpinned by the three core pillars for success in developing people excellence, namely:

  1. Evolve their culture to deliver high performance.
  2. Attract and engage – so employees feel valued, challenged and rewarded.
  3. Build a sustainable supply of critical talent and capabilities.


As part of the solution to address these HR challenges, and create a clear link to business outcomes, the utilities client chose to partner with PageUp. The client embarked on a Talent Management journey which initially focused on outcomes in both Recruitment and Performance to:

  • drive efficiencies in the selection process, thus reduce the cost of attracting and selecting employees
  • ensure a superior candidate and hiring manager experience during recruitment
  • implement merit-based and transparent recruitment process, and
  • build and support a performance management culture
  • establish a consistent, easy to use, transparent performance management process
  • increase line manager engagement in the performance management process.

“We’ve been impressed by the user-friendliness of the PageUp solution. The Recruitment and Performance solutions have enabled us to improve our processes and HR service delivery, resulting in increased perceptions of efficiency, transparency and equity across the business by end-users and line managers. As a business we have realised significant cost reduction, improved consistency and enabled greater transparency across each of our core people processes.”

General Manager, Human Resources


PageUp partnered closely with this utilities client to achieve their goals.
With transformational change in their industry, a focus on the future was required.
The combined challenge of selecting the best candidates for roles and shifting toward a performance culture required broad-based changes to systems, processes and employee
and management mindsets. Central to the transformation was the requisite processes and systems that drive the efficiencies.
Already the outcomes have been encouraging. The PageUp recruitment solution
has achieved:

  • Reduced time to fill from in excess of 71 days to 23 days
  • Letter of Offer turnaround timeframe has reduced from 7 to 3 days
  • 88% manager satisfaction with the recruitment experience
  • 89% of managers and candidates rate the process as transparent
  • 88% of candidates had a positive experience and 96% would apply for future roles

The PageUp performance management solution replaced existing technology.

In its first year, this has enabled:

  • 82% completion rate for performance reviews
  • 65% of employees find the system quick & easy to use, an improvement of 120%
  • 95% of managers found managerial tasks easy, a 90% improvement
  • 76% of employees and 82% of managers believe they are having more meaningful review discussions, an increase of 50%
  • 72% of managers believe the process to be fair, equitable and transparent, an increase of 65%

“Much faster and easier to use than the old system. The process is also more engaging and fairer as I get to have my say about my results first, then my manager comments. This sets up a true dialogue rather than just a one way rating”

Utilities client employee survey

In 2013, the utilities client is three years into its five year journey toward integrated talent management, having completed a pilot of Succession management and preparing for the implementation of the Development module. Combined with Recruitment and Performance management this will provide the client with the processes and tools necessary to effectively manage talent across the employee life cycle. PageUp continues to support the utilities client in its efforts to match the dynamic advancements in the energy industry with innovative talent systems for the future.