Posted on 08 Jun 2012

The Challenge

Queensland Rail is the leading Australian integrated transport provider, employing 14,000 professionals in a wide variety of roles ranging from engineering to customer service. Each year, Queensland Rail hires more than 2,000 employees for critical positions across the organization, but inefficient hiring
processes had hindered the company’s ability to hire top talent quickly.
The innovative transport provider faced a number of challenges in its efforts to attract and retain the exceptional talent the fast-growing company requires, including:

  • Spending $100 million on staffing agencies to fill critical roles.
  • Attempting to place more than 2,000 employees annually using cumbersome hiring practices.
  • Losing out on opportunities to retain top talent amid a highly competitive jobs market.
  • Increasing employee flight risk from lack of internal sourcing for jobs.
  • Weakening of the employer brand as a result of poor candidate communications.

“The PageUp solution delivered significant savings in recruiting costs – the talent pooling functionality alone was worth the investment.” Tania Silva, Recruitment Systems Manager, Queensland Rail

The Focus

In an effort to address these challenges, Queensland Rail sought to enhance its ability to track and deliver improved ROI on its recruiting processes. To ensure that it was able to connect with the best and brightest in the rail industry and beyond, the company searched for a technology solution that could deliver a simple system to streamline the entire recruitment process while enabling a proactive approach to its annual hiring needs.

After exploring other vendors, Queensland Rail engaged with PageUp to implement its cloud-based Recruitment Management Solution (RMS) in order to reduce the transport organization’s recruiting costs while improving its hiring processes. The organization selected PageUp primarily because of the ability of its RMS to automate the recruitment workflow, including talent pooling, interview scheduling, job posting and candidate searching. Implemented in less than nine weeks, the PageUp RMS gave Queensland Rail quick access to one central solution to manage its entire recruitment ecosystem.


The Solution

To ensure adoption of its new recruiting processes and deliver on its business objectives, Queensland Rail engaged its users in a customized training program during the implementation of the PageUp RMS. In addition, the organization achieved significant savings over its previous recruiting expenses and, with this enhanced visibility into recruiting costs, Queensland Rail was able to better measure the effectiveness of its budget allocations. Queensland Rail also reduced its time-to-fill rates by 63 percent, cutting its hiring process down to one month.

The organization credits the RMS’s talent pooling capabilities for the improved quality of new hires. In one case, Queensland Rail reported that it hired four highly-skilled engineers in just two weeks using this functionality, as the organization could now mine both internal and external talent pools for candidates who fit the job requirements. Talent pooling also helped recruiters identify employees for promotion, enabling the innovative employer to build a talent pipeline to sustain its long-term growth.
With PageUp’s RMS integrated into the Queensland Rail HR systems, the resulting candidate experience has been improved as well, helping the company attract and retain top talent. Furthermore, the employer brand has been enhanced through the PageUp solution, since recruiters now can easily post job advertisements to candidates with the appropriate messaging and can deliver customized candidate communications during the hiring process via SMS and email capabilities from within the solution.