Posted on 02 May 2018

TMF Group helps its clients operate internationally and ‘belong’ wherever they are in the world. They do this by making sure clients are properly set up to do business in any country and compliant with local and international regulations. This includes helping companies of all sizes with business services such as HR and payroll, accounting and tax, corporate secretarial, global governance and administration services for structured finance, private equity and real estate investments.


With TMF experiencing rapid growth Global Head of Recruitment Lisa Shephard had very little visibility of key recruitment metrics across the business. She knew she needed to get a handle on it quickly. “We had just under 7,000 people and there was no real idea of how many people we were hiring. Data was scarce. Recruitment was being done extremely ad-hoc and the costs were insane,” she explains.


TMF Group needed to implement a global tool that could help manage recruitment and provide data to the organization. The tool would need to enable HR and the broader business to make better decisions in terms of cost management and understanding hiring from region to region.

Lisa had worked with other applicant tracking system (ATS) providers in the past, but wanted something different, ultimately deciding on PageUp. “I’ve worked with some large providers of ATS and I spoke to a few other providers. For me it was firstly, the flexibility of the system and of the people that work at PageUp. For us, being a growing organization and having nothing in place, flexibility was key. I thought there was good value for money. The system itself was intuitive, it was nice to look at, it was easy to use and we could really tailor it to suit our needs. And then I saw it as a tool that could grow with us as well,” she explains.


“We managed to save the business a million euros in agency spend.”
Lisa Shephard,
Global Head of Recruitment,
TMF Group



In their first year of using PageUp, TMF Group achieved outstanding results. “We managed to save the business a million euros in agency spend, without actually doing huge amounts,” says Lisa.

Her aim is to save the business another 500,000 euros this year. “We did a great job last year but we had certain regions that did better than others for various different reasons, this year we have a bit more control over the recruitment budget whereas previously it was owned by each individual country.

“This year I own it so that means that I can control whether we use agencies or not and where we spend that money. We’ve made really huge impacts in two regions where we had really big spends and now we’ve just got one region left. I think if we can cut that even by 30%, that’s our 500 grand just there.”

Implementing PageUp hasn’t only saved TMF Group money, but improved candidate experience. “Not only do we have a more professional approach, but now we’re able to keep in touch with candidates better. Also from a compliance perspective, there’s huge improvement. Actually it was another selling point, was the ability to manage compliance in different countries.” Hiring managers are enjoying the benefits of the system. “A lot of hiring managers do access the system now,” says Lisa. “We’re able to create talent pools so they definitely see the benefit in it.”

Lisa’s manager is thrilled with the implementation and the data it provides. “We’re providing reports to each leader. The first report is an open vacancy report that I generally send every week to each regional and service line leader. The other report I pull is an approvals report and for each of my directors of roles and offers that need to be approved. I also pull time-to-hire reports and billed reports, gosh, so many reports we use on an almost daily basis to be able to provide the business with that key data.”