Posted on 12 Feb 2018

You need to fill a role, now – and it’s tempting to do everything you can to get that role filled quickly, without thinking much further down the track than that. These HR experts have done their fair share of talent recruitment – let’s take a look at their top tips.

1. Overselling causes trouble

Don’t oversell the company during recruitment – be transparent about the company’s idiosyncrasies, warts and all. – Vaughan Paul, Vice President, Human Resources, Optus

2. Great teams take work

The similarities between sports teams and business become glaringly obvious when you think about the need to recruit the right people onto the team, manage their performance, develop and retain them and ultimately reward them appropriately. – Paul Birch, Director, People and Culture, Transdev

3. Keep things interesting

Engaging workers after the honeymoon period of sourcing, recruiting and onboarding means creating compelling assignments (for contingent workers) and compelling careers (for traditional workers). – Marc Effron, CEO, Talent Strategy Group

4. Keep track of engagement

Try to address the ‘honeymoon period’ by measuring engagement during this timeframe and enlisting the help of recruitment management to proactively manage any issues that arise. – Vaughan Paul, Vice President, Human Resources, Optus

5. Have the right tools

Applicant tracking systems enable the recruiting process to be controlled and managed. Recruiters rely on such tools in the same way a ditch-digger needed a shovel. You don’t question the shovel; nor does the recruiter question the use of an ATS. – John Sumser, Director, People & Culture Key Interval Research

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