By: Alison Brady, Head of PageUp Talent Lab, PageUp

Posted on 24 Mar 2017

Digital transformation is sending shock waves across the business landscape, posing challenges and opportunities for the HR industry. As such, we are very pleased to release the latest PageUp book publication: CLIFFHANGER — HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work.

The book is co-authored by Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith, Vice President Global Research, PageUp and Karen Cariss, CEO and co-founder, PageUp.

I would like to personally thank the HR executives, industry thought leaders and analysts that were involved in the creation of the book and contributed to our first three topic rounds in Talent Lab.  Sylvia and Karen acknowledge your insights and input with sincere gratitude.

Keep reading for more information about CLIFFHANGER and watch the video (above) to hear Sylvia personally introduce the book and a confronting – but exciting – reality for those of us working in HR.


“HR is on the precipice of a cliff.

There is a real risk of falling over and there are two choices to make:

invent a way across the chasm, or disappear into it.”
– Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith



CLIFFHANGER explores the future of work in the digital age and surfaces some hard truths and exciting possibilities for HR. The book presents an insightful blend of current research, thinking and futurist forecasts from multiple global HR industry thought leaders and presents the findings of three PageUp Talent Labs conducted over a 12-month period. The authors, together with various HR contributors to the book, discuss where HR stands in the future of work, and share first-hand insights on how HR needs to rethink, reframe and reorganise its contribution to benefit from the changing realities of the new digital frontier.

“The journey that HR is travelling has hit a hard stop and is under pressure to not only facilitate the transition of the workforce into the new world of work, but equally to reinvent itself,” says Sylvia. “HR is on the precipice of a cliff. There is a real risk of falling over and there are two choices to make: invent a way across the chasm, or disappear into it.”


Topics Covered in the Book:

  • Chapter 1: Disruption and the Future of Work traces the digital transformation that is occurring before our eyes. The future is already here. HR winners in this world will master three intelligences: digital, cultural and business intelligence.
  • Chapter 2: Technology Widens the Chasm explores emerging new science and technology and their implications for workforce management.
  • Chapter 3: People and Relationships challenges the terms of engagement employers have and will have in future with their workers.
  • Chapter 4: The Business of HR dissects traditional HR models and practices and questions the real role and contribution of HR in this future.
  • Chapter 5: Insight through Innovation looks at the necessity for innovative thinking and approaches in order to thrive in the digital workplace.

Visit the CLIFFHANGER webpage to find out more and download a free chapter, or head straight to Amazon to purchase the book.

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