Posted on 26 Oct 2016

This Halloween, we’re giving out treats! Keep the nightmares and monsters at bay with Talented Philippines, an eBook that has been written specifically for organisations in the Philippines.

What scares employers and keeps them up at night? What monsters are lurking under the desks, keeping employees from performing at their best?

In this book, we’ve combined global talent management thinking with its application in the Philippines to deliver a discourse that prompts reflection and insight, as well as spurs action.

It’s our treat this Halloween, NO TRICKS!

Pocket a protective spell, and download the eBook! Highlights include:

  • Foreword by President, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)
  • Opportunity Knocks – Key Points & Statistics
  • Case Study Workforce Analytics in a VUCA Philippines
  • Perspective – The Next Decade for the Philippines



From the Team at PageUp, we would like to wish you a SPOOKtacular Halloween.