Posted on 12 Jul 2016

The war for talent continues to rage. Hard-to-fill positions, developing a strong talent pool and improving employer brand are all challenges faced by today’s talent managers. The advent of social media and mobile devices are influencing the direction of talent acquisition strategies but many recruiters feel they either don’t have the adequate technology or it is not being used effectively. Many companies are lagging and despite abundant evidence that candidates have embraced social applications and mobile devices, 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies do not have mobile-optimised career pages(2).

Two-thirds of job seekers search for jobs on their mobile devices and 84 percent believe this will become the most common way people will search over the next five years(7). At the same time, 46 percent of recruiters are dissatisfied with their current recruiting tools(6) and only 20 percent of talent acquisition leaders believe their career sites are optimised for mobile(1).

Does the misalignment matter? Surely candidates will still apply even if the experience is not as optimal as it could be. Yet, with 58 percent of companies finding it difficult to source high-quality candidates and 42 percent having problems competing for highly skilled workers(6) organisations cannot afford to make this assumption. Research has shown 25 percent of job seekers will no apply for a job if a company’s career site was not mobile-optimised(1) and 34 percent of candidates don’t complete online applications because the process is too much of a hassle(2).

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