Posted on 10 Nov 2015

Asia Pacific – Human Resources,  announced this year that its long-running annual vendor rankings report, the HR Vendors of the Year, was extended to a fully-fledged awards show to recognise and celebrate the very best HR vendors in Asia. The HR Vendors of the Year Awards was held in Singapore on 4 November, Kuala Lumpur on 1 December, and in Hong Kong on 8 December.

Finalists were identified through an extensive online preferences survey of HR managers in Asia, which ultimately shaped the winners of the awards on the night.

For every category, be it recruitment specialists, HR technology providers or mobility consultants, the very end users of such services were the ones who made the critical decision of selecting the best.

PageUp was honoured with following awards:


  • Best Applicant Tracking Software – Singapore
  • Best Applicant Tracking Software – Malaysia


  • Best Learning Management System – Singapore
  • Best Learning Management System – Malaysia
  • Best Applicant Tracking Software – Hong Kong
  • Best Learning Management System – Hong Kong


  • Best Talent Management Software – Singapore
  • Best Talent Management Software – Malaysia

A big congratulations to our Southeast Asia team on their wins!

Learn more about our (award-winning!) Applicant Tracking Software, Learning Management Systems and Talent Management Software here.

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