Posted on 24 Jul 2017

Talent acquisition has undergone a fundamental shift. Gone are the days of ‘post and pray’, where companies waited for potential employees to approach them. HR has moved away from reactive hiring, to the proactive creation of talent pipelines. Many organizations have bought into proactive sourcing and have adopted Candidate Relationship Management with varying degrees of success, to create and maintain a relationship with candidates.

But this is no longer enough.  The savvy recruiter understands that the focus is now ‘talent’ rather than just ‘candidates’. Talent Relationship Management or TRM goes beyond just candidates to include contingent workers (external talent networks) and current employees (internal talent pools) in a holistic approach to identifying, engaging and building talent networks.

So, what exactly does the concept of TRM encompass and what does this mean to employers? How do organizations actually find, engage, and eventually acquire the talent to build out these networks?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rebecca Skilbeck

Rebecca is the Head of Customer Insights & Market Research at PageUp and is responsible for research in customer and market insights. She has nearly 20 years of experience delivering product, thematic and strategic human capital management research and thought leadership. With a diverse background covering academia, strategic consulting and equity investment, she holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours, Master of Science, Master of Commerce (Management) and a financial industry qualification (CFA).