Posted on 07 Nov 2016

Keep performance management conversations and reviews simple and engaging for both managers and employees, with the PageUp™ Everyday Performance mobile app.

Empower employees to:

  • add journal entries against performance goals and attach images and links to them
  • tag entries against goals and share them with managers and peers
  • review their journal and performance review history on the go, anytime

Provide managers with the ability to:

  • have an overall view of their team members’ goals
  • access and view individual team members’ objectives and updates
  • link their own journal entries attachments to team members’ objectives

Watch now to see how the PageUp™ Everyday Performance app is making regular performance catch-ups engaging, straight-to-the-point and actionable anytime, anywhere!

The PageUp Everyday Performance app is part of our Performance Management System module, which aims to energise, empower and engage your workforce.