It’s about a partnership between people and technology. We want to marry the technology with the heart, and the team (at PageUp) has been so prepared to help us do that.

- Melinda Godber, Learning and Development Manager - Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross provides assistance to local and international communities during times of crisis. The organization has some 3000 employees, along with millions of volunteers and members worldwide.

With a reduction in government funding affecting their budgets, the Red Cross needed to overhaul its organizational structure and establish a high-performance culture.

To do this, they needed to shift away from the idea that performance management was only for dealing with poor performers and encourage and nurture the idea that performance management could provide insight into all facets of the organization.

The existing HR software old and disparate. Performance reviews were paper-based, which left a lot to be desired. A new system had to be implemented that could account for the diverse backgrounds, languages, skill levels and technological abilities of the company’s employees.

Using the PageUp’s unified talent management solution, which incorporates it’s everyday performance management system module, the Red Cross was able to provide a seamless process that can follow staff throughout their employment lifecycle.

Employees are recruited and onboarded through the PageUp solution; their progress and performance is captured entirely by the one system. Management can now accurately provide evidence of employee development – a much simpler process than the previous paper-based system.

Melinda Godber, the Learning and Development Manager at the Australian Red Cross explains that their relationship with PageUp is a true partnership.

“We never feel like we are being sold a product or having solutions pushed on us. PageUp has made it clear that they are on the journey with us.”

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