Mississippi State University were looking for a way to improve the experience of hiring, onboarding and developing people at the university - for managers, applicants and employees. PageUp’s unified Talent Management system provided the solution.

- Juli Rester, Senior HR Generalist, Mississippi State University

A complete talent management system

“One of the things we were looking for was a complete system with all of the Talent Management modules,” says Juli Rester, Senior HR Generalist at Mississippi State University. “We wanted to be able to track participants and their training and we wanted to be able to provide different platforms for delivering learning to our employees.” Mississippi State University now uses PageUp for Recruitment, Onboarding and Learning. It provides a central point for hiring and onboarding staff, and learning can be tailored to each individual’s needs.

Great for recruiters and applicants

A recruitment system not only needs to enhance the experience for recruiters and hiring managers, but applicants too. “One of the things we were looking for in implementing PageUp was an applicant experience,” explains Rester. “We were able to develop a landing page that markets the university’s benefits, so that applicants are interested in working with us. We also wanted a careers site that was up-to-date with technology and that the applicants could use very easily. We feel like we have done that through PageUp.”

Applicants can now visit Mississippi State University’s careers page, browse jobs and apply easily. Or, if there isn’t a job currently advertised that interests them, they can sign up to receive an email when new jobs are advertised.

The system makes it easy for people within the business to understand how recruitment for roles in their teams is tracking. “Our business users love the transparency of the system. They like being able to go into the system to see where their application or approval is in the process,” says Rester.

They can also choose bulk actions, which makes it quick and efficient to communicate with candidates, improving the overall process. “The business users love to use the revision history and being able to do this quickly and easily. They also love being able to communicate with the applicants on a regular basis, and to be able to send out non-selection letters to provide closure for our applicants,” says Rester.

Awesome support

Mississippi State University now have the platform they were searching for. “We now have recruitment, onboarding and learning all in the one system,” says Rester. If questions come up along the way, support is easy to find. “If I have a question, I just use the online chat. They are quick to answer and respond. If they need to raise a case, they quickly inform me of this, and they communicate regularly with us on the status of the case,” says Rester.

Now that Mississippi State University has streamlined their processes for recruitment, onboarding and learning, there’s more time to focus on other high-impact projects.