MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – October 14, 2006 –

Last night, recruitment software provider, PageUp was awarded the B3000 award in innovation the same day it was listed 30th in the 2006 BRW Fast 100 companies’ list released yesterday.

Business 3000 promotes the excellence and innovation of businesses located in Melbourne.

The objectives of this award are to showcase local companies that demonstrate business success, inspire others to take up a similar challenge and enhance the City of Melbourne’s reputation for innovation.

This award follows PageUp’s third year on Australia’s leading small and medium sized business list, the only recruitment associated company that has remained on the list this long.

PageUp founders, Karen Cariss, CEO and Simon Cariss, Chief Technology Officer attribute their ongoing success to their highly experienced team of developers, client relationship managers and technical support.

“This really is a testament to our fantastic team and our clients who value the integral role technology can play in their recruitment and people management processes.”

PageUp’s advanced web technology sits behind the recruitment websites of some of Australia’s largest companies, including Coles Myer, IAG, Macquarie Bank, AMP, Flight Centre and BHP Billiton.