Company’s Latest White Paper Explores Role of Mobile and Social Media in Talent Acquisition and How Employers Can Deliver a Mobile-optimized Experience


PageUp, a leading Multinational Talent Management Software provider, today announced the release of its latest white paper, “Mobilize Now Australia: Are Australia’s Top 100 Company Career Sites Ready?” As today’s job seekers increasingly want to search and apply for jobs on their mobile devices, this landmark research explores how prepared Australia’s top employers are to meet this growing demand for a fully mobile-optimized candidate experience.

Hiring the qualified talent an organization needs to be successful and remain competitive continues to be a struggle for many companies. And although the advent of social media and mobile devices have ushered in a new era of talent acquisition, providing new avenues and methods for connecting with candidates, many organization are challenged to attain the adequate technology and use it effectively. At a time when candidates have embraced these developments, with two-thirds of job seekers currently using their mobile devices to search for jobs, the need for employers to provide an end-to-end mobile-optimized application process is a pressing one.

The consequences for organizations that fail to adapt their career sites and apply processes for the new mobile reality will be at a serious disadvantage. Research from LinkedIn shows that 25 percent of job seekers will not apply for a job if the company’s career site is not mobile optimized. To better understand the lag between job seeker demand and the execution of employer mobile strategies, PageUp studied the career sites of Australia’s 100 largest companies.

Key findings of this research include:

  • Overall, nearly 40 percent of career sites studies provided a poor search experience and more than one-quarter had no online application process. These companies have effectively taken themselves out of the race to secure talent.
  • Nearly three-quarters of Australia’s largest companies lack mobile-optimized career sites and approximately two-thirds of career sites only have basic functionality.
  • Only half of the top 100 companies use social referrals to reach untapped talent, and only 40 percent enable job seekers to receive job alerts. This represents a missed opportunity to engage candidates and maximize their talent pipelines.
  • Less than half of the career sites (45 percent) allow candidates to pre-populate their application form from social media profiles and resumes, which can significantly speed up the process.
  • More than a quarter of companies (29 percent) inadvertently reduce their candidate pool by half because their career site is not compatible with iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones.
  • Only one-third of career sites can tap the entire talent pool by allowing candidates to attach resumes from cloud storage – a unique vendor-specific functionality offered by PageUp ensuring candidates can apply regardless of which device they use.

“As job seeker behaviour continues to evolve with the technology, employers must be able to keep up as well; those that place a low priority on creating a mobile-friendly recruitment experience will lose the competition for top talent,” said Simon Cariss, CIO of PageUp. “As our research shows, simply enabling job seekers to apply from their devices won’t solve the problem. Employers must make sure they leverage the latest mobile and social technology effectively to deliver a simple, engaging and intuitive apply process from any mobile device.”

The PageUp White Paper “Mobilize Now Australia: Are Australia’s Top 100 Company Career Sites Ready?” is now available for complimentary download here.

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