Posted on 29 Nov 2016


Peabody manages over 29,000 homes that house over 80,000 residents, making it one of London’s oldest and largest housing associations. In 2014, the association acquired three new businesses, including Thamesmead Trust, thus marking Peabody’s foray into one of the nation’s 50 biggest regeneration projects.

The association’s growing portfolio has also resulted in a need to hire additional qualified and capable candidates. Through the acquisition of these new businesses, vacancies more than doubled – with a diverse set of positions, from senior management and finance executives to on-the-ground support staff such as environmental caretakers and swimming instructors.

The recruitment system that Peabody had in place struggled to scale up to the influx of vacancies in a timely and cost-effective manner. In many cases, hiring managers and recruiters had to manually request for information on a case-by-case basis. Peabody realised that it had outgrown the solution that it had in place and needed one which could meet current and future growth, providing lean and efficient tools for assessing high volumes of candidates in increasingly truncated spaces of time.

We want to send a message that we’re an employer of choice for Londoners, with fantastic benefits and opportunities. To reinforce that, the candidate experience has to be good.’ – Marija Vida, Head of Resourcing and HR Business Partner – Peabody.


As a housing association based in the nation’s capital, Peabody aims to be known as ‘an employer of choice for Londoners’. To achieve this, Peabody needed to replace its existing recruitment technology with one that was efficient and holistic enough to meet its current and future recruitment needs, while also providing a positive experience for candidates seeking to apply.

Peabody selected PageUp to automate its recruitment process, as well as added automated online assessments through PageUp’s integration with the Talent Q assessment platform. PageUp’s recruitment platform allows interested candidates to submit their CVs quickly and efficiently, as well as provides straightforward access to Talent Q’s psychometric assessments. The PageUp system also simplifies the process candidates go through to demonstrate their eligibility for any role, helping them list a range of professional details such as skills, qualifications, and right-to-work credentials.

Peabody had struggled with system outages and loss of candidate data with its previous system. The association also knew it needed to provide at least basic mobile accessibility if it was to convince top talent to consider it as an employer of choice. The PageUp platform enables candidates to search and apply for vacancies through their own mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

Since implementing the PageUp platform, the feedback has been uniformly positive. The system has further engaged candidates and removed issues such as technical difficulties and delays to provide a more seamless experience for both parties.Marija Vida, Head of Resourcing and HR Business Partner – Peabody.


Since its adoption, PageUp’s fully automated recruitment management system has saved the association significant amounts of time and money. PageUp’s software helps staff quickly filter through every submitted job application using skills and keywords to locate potential candidates relevant to their departments’ needs. And by storing all applications on one central PageUp system, Peabody has created a virtual ‘talent pool’ that its staff have used to fill 25% of new vacancies since implementation.

PageUp’s offering has also dramatically improved the visibility of the recruiting process for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers alike. Candidates can now not only submit but also track the progress of their applications via their mobile devices, while recruiters and hiring managers gain full view of each candidate’s entire profile and progress through each stage of assessment.

The platform communicates with candidates, administers Talent Q assessments, and stores all information in one place, negating the need to log in and out of different systems or platforms. By optimising and integrating the assessment process, PageUp saves staff hours of time each week, even as it delivers a greatly improved experience for all Peabody candidates.

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