Posted on 13 Apr 2015

About Telstra

The telecommuncations industry is experiencing enormous growth; network traffic is growing faster than any other period of time and digital technology is changing our world.

Telstra is at the heart of this change and they are helping to make it happen by connecting everything to everyone, in their plight to create a brilliant, connected future for all. A brilliant connected future won’t happen on its own. Transformation happens when enough people get the technologies that create social, economic and cultural change.

Change has to be delivered, and Telstra is bringing together all the parts to create it.

The Challenge

As an iconic Australian brand receiving up to 15,000 job applications per month, Telstra recognised the need to not only attract active job seekers, but to reach out to and connect with talent not actively in the job market.

Taking the stance that just recruiting the best person looking for a role wasn’t enough, Telstra wanted to make sure that when recruiting for certain identified roles, that they recruited the best talent out there.

Telstra also identified that a change in their strategies to connect with the best talent was required due to a rise of factors such as social and mobile impacts on the talent market.

The Focus

Transforming from reactive recruitment to proactive recruitment for identified roles was required in order to achieve the goal of recruiting the best talent out there.

A key part of the solution was to enable the recruiters, tasked with proactive sourcing targets, with process and technology. Telstra partnered with PageUp to arm their team with enhanced recruitment capability through Candidate Relationship Management functionality to support their revised processes. Critical components required were the ability to:

  • Capture limited prospect information, i.e. name and email address only;
  • Assign appropriate workflow to manage prospect through an attraction process;
  • Easily identify prospects from active candidates;
  • Set up individualised communication campaigns to inform and keep prospect warm whilst continuing to research prospects and their fit for Telstra;
  • Assign prospects to a managed Talent Pool when considered a candidate in instances when a role is not currently available;
  • Engage talent pool members in communications, events, meetings, social media, etc keeping them informed and interested in coming to work for Telstra when an appropriate role became available, these communications can be to individuals or to all members via a bulk communication process if required;
  • Transition prospect seamlessly into a recruitment process should an appropriate role be available;
  • Transition talent pool members seamlessly into a recruitment process when an appropriate role becomes available.

The Solution

PageUp partnered closely with Telstra to understand their proactive strategy, their required workflows and the outcomes they were looking to achieve.

Aligning the PageUp recruitment solution’s CRM functionality to these workflows has allowed Telstra to enable their proactive recruiters to easily adopt a new way of working. Telstra is now capturing critical prospect and candidate information, tracking progress, communicating and identifying appropriate roles with ease.

Results from enabling their proactive sourcing strategy commenced from day one with some of the key outcomes in a short period of time being:

  • 17% increase in placements through Talent Pools
  • Time to fill reduced by 7%